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Driver Ed FAQ

General Information

What are the requirements to complete the driver education course?

How old do you have to be to start drivers ed?

How do I get my completion certificate after I finish the course?


Do I need a permit to complete the 30 hours of indoor classroom?

Can I miss a classroom session and make it up later?

Parent Orientation

What is a parent class?

Do both parents have to attend the parent class?

Do I have to do the parent class again if I have completed one for another child?


Can I start my driving and observation hours before I complete the 30 hours of indoor classroom?

Do I need a learner's permit to start observation hours?

Do you pick up for driving and observation hours?

How do I start scheduling my driving and observation hours?

Will my driving lesson be cancelled if there is snow?

Road Test

Do you take students for their road test?

When are road tests scheduled if I go with the driving school?

Can I schedule my road test before I finish my driving lessons?

Will my road test be canceled if there is snow?